Manufacturing is our unique identity of culture
Things are motivated by people

Peoples have created the things they need, pursued their ideals, and built them.
The human race cannot evolve without either "things" or "people".
HATO embodies the ideal of the human image we strive for.


The "H" for HATO is Humanity.

No matter what our nationality, religion, race, or colors of the skin, human nature is always compatible with each other. In any age, what we all seek is true peace and a spirit of mutual respect for differences.


The "A" for HATO is Activity and Healthy Functioning of Body and Mind.

A cheerful, enjoyable, and positive environment is an important element of business development for the trading company HATO, and that leads to the healthy functioning of the body and mind. Healthy mental and physical conditions are essential for our work and life. Our employees and staff are working together in an effort to pursue justice and protect the right ideas, and to create a new way of thinking and strive to build up a vibrant company loved by everyone.


The "T" for HATO is Qualities, Talents, and Outstanding Characteristics.

One talent, ten efforts buildup a personality and provides us with the flexibility to capture and tackle various situations from different perspectives. We strive every day to enhance and deepen our creativity.


The "O" for HATO is Organizational Strength.

The power to systematize and lead them in a single direction.
The best mirror is its own employees. Our corporate philosophy is "Chikara" (effort) and "kokoro" (heart).

The Power of Cogitation:
Capabilities to understand the reason and to select and construct by themselves based on flexible ideas.

The Power of Persuasiveness:
Conceptual support. The ability to speak out with vision and enthusiasm, in addition to concrete data.

The Power of Cohesion:
In an effort to achieve our goals, put together our individual power and share the successes of our results.